Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If you're feeling chubby right now.....

....raise your hand. I know, me too. 

When was the last time you tried a new food- when visiting the Indian restaurant down the street, or the Thai one next door; it could be when traveling to a different country, continent, or whatever. Shoot, you don't even have to go to a different country. Travel down to the south and your body'll think it's somewhere out of this world. So will your ears. But the point is...the food. When was the last time you tried a new food... and the introduction didn't go off seamlessly? It left your stomach feeling a little torn up and probably even landed you in the bathroom with a 'come back for free all day' pass.

Well that's about how my poor body was feeling yesterday. And the foreign cuisine was..........apples, oranges, broccoli, grilled chicken....all kinds of crazy food.

I should've done this post a week ago for my own sake, because that's when the food comatose started. Because of the poor food choices. And the lack of self-control. And abundant sweets every time I turned around. And a strong commitment to never say never no.

So in no particular order, I'm reminding myself of a few of my secrets on how to feel good, look good, and still partake in everything edible....especially during the Holidays. 
A good friend introduced this book to me and it has become my only go-to health book. If you've ever had more than one conversation with me, chances are I've referred to this book. It preaches the principles of listening to your body and loving yourself and creating a healthy (not guilty) relationship between you and food. Take a glimpse at what's inside here if you want.
{I secretly wish I had a stack of this luscious read sitting around so I could gift it every chance I got.}

We know all meals are necessary and it's basically been drilled into our little minds from a young age how important breakfast is. Quite a few days during the last couple weeks, we've had a reoccurring scene. I don't eat breakfast- bc my stomach is hurting from the night before's poor choices. Somewhere between 11 and 12, I'm famished. Anything in my reach is inhaled with no thought for what, how much, etc. I need food and I need it now. And a lot of it. And then at 4:00....repeat.  If our bodies know they can count on all meals at more or less the same time of day, they are content, calm, secure, FUELED machines. We need to give our them a little bit of routine and dependability to work with so they don't FREAK OUT!

As my everyday mentality, I take the approach of concentrating on what to eat, instead of what not to eat. I eat veggies all day long. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks...veggies. I'm kinda exaggerating but only kind of. If I have the option of veggies, I take it every time. And I add in other fresh foods- chicken, almonds, yogurt, and sometimes even fruit (not my strong point). I focus on getting those things in my body and whatever hunger remains, I fill it with WHATEVER I WANT. Oreos, frozen yogurt, cookies, Root Beer floats...whatever sounds good at the time. S'mores with Reeses. I'm not lying. I eat it all. {Revert back to Intuitive Eating book. This will teach you to listen to your body and OBEY when it says STOP- YOU'RE FULL.}
I've never been good with commitment- such as committing to eat NONE of something or only 1 sweet/day- so this approach works great for me. Shoot, have your cake and eat it too!

Exercise is good for the mind, body, and soul. Most people know that but if you don't, I'm not lying. "Exercise" is an open definition that can be custom to each individual. But do something that makes you feel good about yourself and feel strong and gets that heart a-pumping. SPOILER ALERT: Everytime you finish a good workout- whether 10 minutes or 2 hours- you walk away feeling empowered...like you-can-conquer-the-world empowered. Go move your body!
 {I've been dying to do a post targeted towards beginners. I need to get it done!}

So here's to getting back on track... Treating our bodies good so that they can actually enjoy the {smaller amounts of?!!} CRAP that we're putting into them!

If you're not wanting food to be your demise,
Fingers are crossed to maintain a similar size,
These are the tips that I strongly advise, 
That'll make you happy, healthy, and wise!
~a girl named Gay


PacPaliGoulds said...

So what is the best time to bring you peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss on top?

Jamie said...

man, when did you start posting so much? love it! your christmas card is darling and everyone comments on those stunning blue eyes in the top left corner. to die for. anyways, i rarely have time to do my own blog anymore much less look at others, but i'm loving this. keep it coming!

Jess said...


Garrett's said...

Oh so true...all if this good info. I needed a little reminder! (as I lay here with a stomach ache from eating no actual meals today, just junk! :( ) thanks!