Monday, September 24, 2007

The Cutest Boys ever... set to music!!

The little ones had their pictures taken the other day. Here is a few of the favorites at:

I couldn't be happier with these two little guys and am especially pleased with how their personalities came through in the pics!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Please excuse my leave of absence....

So I probably should post something considering it has been forever. I am still way into the blogging thing, and no, life has not gotten so busy that I haven't had time to sit down for a few minutes. The truth of it is I'm in deep denial. I guess I lost my battery charger for my camera even though I'm only convinced it is misplaced instead of lost. Because I am in denial, I subconsciously am avoiding anything that reminds me of this. Of course, all is not lost. I could always just buy another one. But first I need to convince myself that it is truly lost. I actually did cave the other day and set out to buy another one ($60 I might add for a simple charger) but they weren't at Best Buy, Target, or Wal Mart so now I have to order it online. Of course I wanted it right then and absolutely did not want to wait and not being able to get it right away has somehow weakened my incentive to get on the ball and buy it on line.
Anyway, big happy news is that Porter turned one today. It is absolutely crazy. How did a year pass already? He is such a funny little guy. I love how he always greets his dad with the biggest smile when he gets home from work. It doesn't matter how long it takes Josh to pay attention to him; he keeps the smile on until he gets it! I love the way he laughs and plays with Dallin. No one cracks Porter up like Dallin does. He is Dallin's number one fan and supporter. I also love when he steals Dallin's binky and stuffed puppy and walks around with them as if he owns them! I love the sound he always makes. He loves to move his fingers across his lips and make that one sound (you all know what I'm talking about!) His little temper cracks me up... he is such a firecracker (making his nickname "Pistol" very fitting!) He gets fired up when I'm changing his diaper, taking his clothes off, putting his clothes on, putting him in the car seat, etc etc! He gets mad so quickly and just screams. Thank goodness, he recovers almost as quickly! Anyway, he is such a joy to have around. Kids to me are the epitome of great joy for hard work. They require so much but there is nothing that compares to those precious moments they give us when we remember that is all worth it!! Happy Birthday, Porter P!!!