Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shut the front door. You will never believe what I bought today. As my recent post divulged, I am a sucker for chewy Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. So you can imagine my disbelief when to add to this goodness, we had chewy chips ahoy chocolate, chocolate chip (make note of the chocolate) white fudge cookies. At this point, I can't report on the actual taste of the new product, as I am saving this indulgence for when I am once again prepared to eat half a bag - that's right, you heard me, half a bag- of these things. I am still in somewhat of a state of shock that this is now on the market. It's one of those things though that when you see it, you think,"Absolutely. Of course this is a must-have cookie flavor." There is no second guessing whether or not a bag will be in your cart. Only makes perfect sense.

Other news, we moved today. Good things about the move:
#1 I can wear a different pair of jeans instead of the same pair I've worn the past 5 consecutive days due to my premature packing.
#2 We are now 10 minutes closer to most of our friends, so they will no longer have an excuse to avoid us.
#3 Multiple trips to the Goodwill to secretly empty Yosh's memory boxes- homeboy is a packrat. Every trip brings a renewed sense of accomplishment.

That's all I can think of for now.......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tour stop #2

Now you didn't think that BYU being "on the road" would stop us from following them, right? Well you're absolutely right. We packed our bags and got on the plane and stalked their booties right over to Seattle. Thankfully we were greeted by, no- not the football players, but by the Denke's with a place to stay, food to eat, and did I mention a personal theater room to watch ALL the weekend football games on a projector? Crazy, I know. They must love us!!! We had a great time not only watching BYU, but we also squeezed in a Mariner's game. It was a nice fall-like weekend, which only made it feel natural to be at ball games! It was good to see Carrie, Xander, and the boys and ALL the room they now have to run around in. Little bit jealous!

Oh yes and Dave accompanied the group like the avid Cougar fan that he is.

What do these pics have in common? (and I could have added about a hundred more like it to get my point across) Yes, Porter has a new friend. This puppy backpack, that also doubles as a child leash which some people like to call inhumane and I prefer to refer to it as pure entertainment especially when Dallin is the one leading the leash, was Porter's constant buddy this weekend. Carrie went ahead and gave it to him as a b-day present which I'm sure spared all of us present lots of tears!

Precious Keane! It was good to see the boys and watch all 4 of them play together!

New subject: As you see on the side of my blog in my "quotable quotes" section, Dallin B came up with a good one the other day. We were in a store shopping for pillows and he says, "Mom, we need a baby." As always, I play dumb and say, "What do you mean?" He says, "You know another one, like me and Porter." I just kind of nod, not wanting to give him any false hope. He finishes off the conversation, "Yea mom, we need to buy a third baby." Some kids call it praying, others apparently refer to it as shopping.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am not pregnant....

but I did just devour half a bag of Chips Ahoy Chewy chocolate Chip Cookies. Now before you go any further I must explain. I am a very strict organic eater. Maybe not "organic" in the definition we are used to hearing, but organic in the sense that I don't count calories, I simply listen to my body to know what and how much to eat. So you can imagine my shock when my peaceful relaxing during the boys' nap time was interrupted by a demand for Chewy Chocolate Chips Cookies. I was like "Hold up, now you know I don't need dessert yet. It's only 2 o'clock." But the demands persisted and first thing I did when the boys woke up was go to the grocery store to obey my body. The demand was somehow confirmed in my mind when the cookies were on sale for $1.77. To prevent further emergency runs to Vons, I bought 4 packs. (Only to be disappointed when at the check out stand one rung up for $4.29 and I didn't notice til after the fact and didn't have the courage to tell them I did not want the expensive bag.) Anyways, I took the boys to the pool where I thought I would enjoy probably 3 cookies. That's about my normal portion size. But oh no, not today. Like I said, I am a servant to my body- and it wanted more. And more. And more. And was not satisfied til half the bag was gone. All in one sitting. What can a girl do? Obey.

Now b/c a "post isn't complete without a picture", a little more....

Guess where we were this past week?

That is right... Utah for the opening BYU game. (an extra feature "Can you find Sam Hickox?")

The boys and I went up early to visit Josh's family and then Yosh joined us in time for more hanging out and of course, the highlight- The BYU game. I think I ate out every lunch or dinner, which is a highlight for me. Nancy took me to Rumbi's, which I've been dying to try, along with other Utah staples. (Yes, I like being spoiled.) We also got to see Hailey's new house (pictured below are the kids on the newest toy- Devree's bunk bed.) We headed up to Midway to relax there and took advantage and went to Park City for the Alpine slides. The 2 year olds were insistent that we repeat the experience so, for $15 a pop, we did. Who knew Park City was such an in-demand place that they can charge so much for the slides. Anyways, it was a good time. Porter obviously got a lot of camera time this trip so here is his cute face!