Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running in Lingerie

A few years into marriage, some things start to change. They are different things for different couples. This year, specifically Valentine's Day, there was a tangible, notable change in the direction our marriage has moved. My boys came running into the house hap-hazardly throwing clothes at my face yelling, "Happy Valentine's Day." After I got over the shock of the dramatic presentation of gifts, I laid my eyes on the shorts that you see me pictured in above. That's right, they are teeny. And possibly intended to be a joke, but I showed those boys a joke and I went on ahead and wore them! And from time to time, Yosh will ask me about my Valentine lingerie. The first time he asked me, I looked at him puzzled and said, "You mean the plaid shorts?" A smile crossed his face as he exclaimed, "Oh yeah," nodding his head with a smile all the while. Wow- so this is what it is like to no longer be newlyweds! I wear lingerie in front of complete strangers WAY more often than I do in front of my husband! So on Saturday, I got to wear some lingerie in my run. See, there is a first time for everything!

I think I'm going to retire my running shoes for a bit, but I feel like I've learned some life lessons this last year of running. And to name a few of them.....
1) Never make definitive decisions while on the up-hill. Perspective changes when you reach the plateau and sanity has returned.
2) Listen to your body. It will show you your pace.
3) Don't be afraid to slow down OR to speed up. Your speed changes many times in one run.
4) Finish the run. That night you're not going to remember the frustrations that made you want to quit. All you'll be able to taste is victory.
5) Joy in the journey.

We'll have to see if retiring my running shoes also means retiring my lingerie....

(I felt the need to add to this post that there is a distinct difference b/w me and the other two girls. Their bib numbers are in green and this denotes.....MARATHON! Amazing job, Anneli and Natalie!)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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I am a summer girl at heart. I don't know if it is the fact that I'm a July baby or not, but it runs in my blood. So anything that remotely reminds me summer, I cherish. And when these moments come, I kinda feel like the happiest girl in the world. Almost euphoric. And I swear that whatever it is I did, I'm going to do it again. And again. And again. And I'm not going to forget. And I'm not going to let anything get in my way of making it happen. 3 kids won't get in my way. Or a husband.

Well that's how I felt when after living in CA for 5 years, we made it down to Huntington Beach to the fire pits. Bonfires are nostalgic to me. Don't really know why. I didn't grow up having bonfires regularly. But it brings me back to my carefree days. And who doesn't like feeling carefree. And playing volleyball on the beach. Not beach volleyball. Just bumping. Cuz a lot of times that is just as fun as a game of volleyball. And playing very intensely so that maybe those who are working hard at creating a blazing fire won't be tempted to ask me for help. And when I'm done I can be one of the genius who sees the tons of small little branches lying right at our feet that will be the key to getting the fire going. And then everyone forgets those of us who maybe weren't helping at all before. And just as quickly as the fire is ready, we have our wire hangers fully stocked with marshmallows. Waiting to find themselves perfectly fit inside the graham crackers and hershey bar. Or now that we have Kady, it might be b/w graham crackers and chocolate frosting. The perfect night. And as we are packing up, getting ready to leave (right after the Anderson's of course), I'm determined that I've been missing out for 5 years and am committed to creating these "summer" moments a lot more often. That weekly, ok maybe monthly, we will make this happen. And feel like teenagers- even teenagers with kids- again. That nothing will stop me. That this will be easy to make happen b/c it is SO much fun.

And time goes by. And I'm left looking at these pictures and asking myself, "Was it really that fun?" Because I have three kids to take care of. And a husband. And it is all a lot of work.

(kirt, why are you getting to roast your feet? a little bizarre....)