Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trade Offs

As a stay at home mom, there isn't much alone time or do-what-i-want-without-getting- interrupted time. And that's ok. That's what I signed up for, I imagine. But sometimes those unsolicited moments come when no one is bothering me, and yes, they are at home. It happened this morning. I had showered and was getting ready for the day. No one was coming to ask me anything, tell on anyone, or ask for anything so I was taking my time. At one point, I realized it was very quiet and asked, "Are you boys making a mess?" to which they replied, "Yes." That put me in a bit of a pickle. Do I go stop the madness (which I didn't really know what that was at the time) or do I go along with my alone time? Well I busted out the blow dryer and straightener and decided to do my hair for the first time in a very long time. I don't know why I decided to do that with my free time, but nonetheless that is what I did. When I finished, I went to the crime scene. What did I find? Two boys in the middle of 100 dice and 11 decks of cards, individually scattered throughout a 5 foot circle. Yes, that is a big, annoying mess. The dice... not so much. The cards... annoying. Having to sort through them and put them with their matching deck, just not so fun. The boys were proud of their creation and I really wasn't all that bothered. I mean, is it kinda like spending $5 to make $30? I had to spend 10 minutes cleaning up to have a half hour to myself. I think it might have been worth it. Nothing comes without cost, right? Not even "free time."

We had a fun, relaxing weekend in San Diego. We hit up Sea World and a Padres game. The boys were entertained by Cal and Owen and that's what matters! Monday we got to hang out with Yosh's aunt, uncle, and cousins. We ate at all the best beach spots, Paradise Cove and Duke's, and got to know the cousins better. In fact, we had never met Miss Lucy, their little 8 month baby. Lots of fun. I must say, I love Southern California. I really do. I often feel like I'm on vacation when I'm right here in my own city.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Am I Loving Right Now?

Really just a couple things. First off, My little guys have been needing some new shoes, but sometimes I feel like it takes all I have to take the two of them shopping since that isn't their number 1 idea of fun/entertainment. Also, it feels like it takes at least takes a half hour to drive anywhere to look with no guarantees of finding anything I will like. So yesterday I shopped myself right over to and found what I was looking for. Great selection, very organized, gas efficient, time efficient, no screaming kids... seriously, is this shopping heaven? Did I mention free shipping both ways? That's right, have them send all kinds of shoes to try on and send back the ones you don't like... at absolutely no cost to you. And let's look at things how they are, driving to the mall anymore can cost a good $10. It's a no brainer. I have shopped at Zappos before, but I don't think I appreciated it as much as I do now. Oh yeah, and did I mention I ordered them yesterday and already have them today? Yeah baby!

I wish the picture showed how small and cute these little boxes are. Serious, everything that is miniature is ten times cuter... even shoe boxes.

And what else have I been loving? Let me tell you... Honey Baked Chicken with American Basmati Brown Rice. So good and so easy! I cooked it tonight for my little fam but used 6 chicken breasts b/c I also absolutely love the leftovers. Those flavors get to mixing and they aren't messin around. Claire sent me this recipe sometime back and it has been a show stopper (is that the right saying? Who knows.) when we cook for others and is definitely a family favorite. I serve the chicken with Basmati brown rice and it is G- double O- D good! And I will probably cook it for you if you ever come over to my house!

(The tweeks I make to the recipe are the following: I take the advice given at the bottom of the recipe and use 1/2 tsp garlic salt and 1/2 tsp regular salt. Add a bit of cayenne pepper and a little extra curry. Use about half the butter recommended. I use boneless skinless chicken breast. I cut them up in about three pieces so that the chicken is flavorful throughout and moist.)

In all fairness to my husband, I should add an appendage. I'm guessing that if I were him he would say the thing he is loving in life right now is going to Jazz and Lakers play-off games. He was there for game two, and then this week game 5. Oh and did I mention his seats for game 5... center court, 14th row. Yeah, I think that is what he would say he's loving right now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wow... it's been a long time. Summary of my life: Chels and friends came for 5 days, Hailey and babies came for four days, AJ came for 1 week! In between we had a few frinds' get togethers, a couple dates with the husband, and then just last weekend a trip to Utah. So we've been busy but I haven't felt like posting. Sorry! Side note: I've been checking everyone's blogs and have been really lazy about posting comments... I'm going to step up my game and show some love!

Top things on my mind right now:

1) Where would be a great vacation for Yosh and I to go on in October without the kids? Who wants to come with us?!! I'm a little bitter right now b/c I want to be on the cruise with the others... I should be in mexico right now!!!

2) How do I raise my kids so that they don't end up on the show INTERVENTION? That would break my heart.

3) How come I'm not motivated to workout, clean, shower, cook, or do anything else? Can you believe I went to the gym for an hour today and only worked out for 20 minutes?!! That's right, I snuck out of my class 20 minutes into it then checked my email and relaxed on one of the loungers in the sun for the rest of the time. Who goes into a class and 20 minutes into it just doesn't feel motivated? Oh well, maybe Thursday I'll have more luck!

4) How do I have a three year old? Is it really possible that three years have passed?

Cousins B's B-day!

The friends! Cheese!