Saturday, March 28, 2009

No longer needed....

K, so I expected to not be a superstar in my kids' lives say when they were teenagers, but at 2 and 3 I'm already losing it? Really, am I that boring? There have been a couple recent days where I am begging/prying the boys away from each other and their toys to get them out of the house to do something "fun." "Come on, guys, don't you want to go do something fun? We can go outside, go to the park, go surprise Daddy..." And the response I've been getting, "Yeah in a minute. We're busy." And they are. They have things going on. Building this, wrecking that, laughing/tickling each other. And I'm offering them genuinely entertaining opportunities that would still allow them to hang out, laugh, etc. Yosh and I had a baby-sitter coming last night. In the end we called her and were like, "Um, can we come pick you up right now cuz our boys want nothing to do with us so we might as well go do something fun without them." (Maybe that's the trick...make them jealous!) Luckily she was up for it and we squeezed in an extra hour. Proof that we are still fun:

We took them to a couple of World Classic Baseball games. Nancy even made it out to one of them with us.

Even let Dallin B be the photographer. Now that's real fun.
So funny story. The first game we went to was Venezuela vs Korea. The game was being announced in all three languages. Someway into the game, Dallin turns to Yosh and says, "I know how they say single" and proceeds to give a nod, Korean style if you will!

Today we took them to see Monsters vs Aliens (which was once again a convincing effort to get them out of the house). Now I have to say, this movie was way below par. For what I would consider their targeted audience, it was too violent, scary, and the plot line too advanced. Not worth the 50 bucks it costs anymore to take the whole fam to the movie.

There's this restaurant called the Proud Bird right by the airport. Ever since we moved here, we've been saying we need to eat there. The boys would love watching so many planes come in and surely it would be a great experience. Today Yosh made it happen. It was decent food and we saw our fair share of planes come in to land.

So the division in our lives is not caused by lack of entertainment, that I promise you. And I must say the time they do want to spend with us is more QT, you know reading, cuddling, giggling, etc. So maybe it's not such a bad thing. Just didn't think it was possible to have 2 semi-independant kids! I guess I better enjoy the little freedom before reality reintroduces itself in June...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to the Basics

Remember life before you planned everything? Like when you would just leave the house, not really knowing where you were going but confident that you would find fun somewhere along the way? Well, I feel like I go through ups and downs of being like that. Lately it seems like more often than not I have to know what the "fun" is that I'm seeking before I leave the house. But, on Saturday, I remembered- really all we have to do is leave the house and we seem to enjoy life a little better as a family. No distractions (ie" March madness!), just fresh air and QT. We went down to 3rd Street and just mosied around. We listened to some of our favorite street performers.

ok- timeout. Dallin B just walked in after a very short nap. I asked him why he was awake already and he said he had enough sleep. I said, "Well, we need to cut your hair anyway." He said, "Yeah, cuz it's getting crazy. You wanna know why I woke up, Mom? Cuz I felt like my hair was getting crazy." Ok. Looks like I better hurry and get him a haircut in real quick.

Anyways, it was just good being out. We did manage to squeeze in a little March Madness. We had lunch at Yankee Doodle and watched one of the games on "the hugest tv ever."

These sunglasses are staged and suggested, but not by me. Dallin B is the one running his and Porter's show. His way or the highway....

This is probably as close to a belly shot as you are going to get. Taneal, I hope this suffices. I hope this picture somehow conveys my aching back, my inabililty to bend over- can barely put my shoes on anymore, and my basic discomfort! Unfortunately, T, it also hides other growing parts but oh have they grown. You'd be proud!

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Dallin conversation: Yosh and him were going over "opposites" the other night. He seemed to be getting the hang of the concept, nailing five in a row. Even in a sticky spot, he seemed to be able to redeem himself. Yosh said, "old." Not knowing the response, he came back with, "Not old." While not completely accurate, it showed he was understanding. Then Yosh said, "Bald." Dallin said, "Daddy, what's bald." Yosh explained that when you get older your hair starts to fall out and therefore, you become bald. Dallin processed that and then questioned, "So, Daddy, when i get 4, is my hair going to fall out?" Love it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Maybe Yosh isn't crazy....

So on Tuesday I go to the doctor and go through the normal torture... pee in a cup, get on the scale, wait in the little doctor room for 35 minutes (with two toddlers I must add) before the doctor makes her entrance. She looks through the info the nurse has noted and looks at me and says, "Do we need to talk about a diet?" I let out a little chuckle, the natural 6-month response for weight gain that says "I've already thrown in the towel, but if you want we can talk about diet all you want. But let me ask you this, Doctor, do you have some magical 'diet' that is going to stop me from pounding cookie after cookie after cookie? And don't think that telling me I'm getting chubby is going to be motivation enough to stop those Oreos and milk from making their way into my growing belly. Do you think I haven't tried that? In fact, I've even tried taking it a step further by reminding myself that I will stay chubby AFTER birth with this kind of behavior. BUT... no dice. We keep having our rendezvous about every other day, the cookies and milk and me. And on the off day, it's ice cream, or Snickers, or brownies. Basically, I've come to terms with where we're at and will start to reconsider the situation in approximately 3 months. By that time, hopefully some type of governor might have returned to my body that tells me 'You are full.' Cuz I've yet to hear that voice since getting pregnant and really nothing- not even you, Doctor, suggesting a diet and all the connotations that come along with that- is going to change until that happens. And as long as I'm this hungry, I'm eating the stuff I love." But I saved that response and let her off the hook with a simple, "No, I'm good but thanks." I got a good laugh out of that. Great doctor, best of intentions, just not the most cooperative patient! Yosh has another one reaffirming his opinion!