Monday, November 19, 2007

I can start to feel down on life and feel like I don't have, and will never have, enough energy to make it through. But then you get little breaks. Without me even asking to sleep in, Josh got up with the kids on Sunday and let me stay in never-never land... loved it! (I think it kind of helps when you end your Saturday night by saying something to the sorts of, "I can't live my life this way. I am tired all the time!") Then not to mention, he brought me toast in bed. And didn't smack me when I barely looked at it and then rolled over and put my back to him. I did eat it later, so that was officially breakfast in bed. I'm spoiled. Every now and then. And I'll take it.
But life is good despite those reoccurring tired moments. Tomorrow the boys and I pack it up to go to Utah for Thanksgiving and Wednesday Josh will join us there. We get to see all our family and the BYU/Utah game also. In some people's eyes (ie. YOSH) life doesn't get better than that. This is a real fun stage of life. The boys are so cute and have started playing rather well together. Last week, a momentous moment... they were playing football together! They were both down in the starting position, after yelling, "Hut hut hike" they took off running. A couple steps into it, Porter threw up his hands and yelled, "Touchdown." Yes, my 14-month can say touchdown. You may not understand it, but I definitely can. It is crazy. Anyway, they have done that quite often since and it is a lot of fun to watch and be a part of. Sweet boys. Tonight when I layed DB down for bed (in his pack n play, I know it is pathetic and I shouldn't admit that he still sleeps in a pack and play) he said, "I love you, Gay" before I even told him that I loved him. Just touches my heart. Sweet little moments like that... indescribable. Yes, they are good kids.

Anyway, this should be a great week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Back in the Days

Remember back in the days when there weren't near as many laws, or at least if there were, we weren't aware of them and our parents didn't make us abide by them? Let me give you a for instance... Growing up, we had a grande van. And I don't just mean a grande van, but a bien grande van. So in the leftover space in the back, we had put up four lawn chairs that we used. They were great. Any little bump that we hit sent us flying. The real big ones, you actually hit your head on the ceiling, which was an even bigger thrill. Loved it. Running out to the van, we would all be calling, "I get a lawn chair." Riding in the car was great fun.
Well today the boys and I were at Target. After doing our shopping, I first put Dallin in the very back of the car (the trunk space in my Pilot). Of course he liked this little spot and said, "Mommy, I no go in my car seat. I sit right here." I loaded Porter into his car seat and decide to give in and let my little man have a "walk on the wild side" and not ride in his car seat. Of course the whole ride home- the less than half a mile on a subdivision street- I'm paranoid as all get out. Is someone going to hit us? Am I going too fast? etc, etc. Meanwhile DB is in the back enjoying every second of it. "That was a good one, Mommy. I go bounce, bounce." Just loving it and making sure to let me know. I couldn't have given him a bigger treat had I spent tons of time trying to come up with something.
So his "walk on the wild side" was also my "walk on the wild side" for the day, and I'm still second-guessing myself as to whether or not I made the right decision! Now 15 years ago, maybe not even that many, there is no second-guessing. In fact, there probably is no thought, period. Now we're all chained down with these safety laws that make us feel like any little illegality (is that a word?) is criminal behavior. Don't know how I feel about it....!!!!

Anyway, here are the Halloween costumes. We had fun nights trick-or-treating. Dallin kept telling us how much fun he was having, so it was totally worth it!!