Thursday, July 16, 2009

This past Sunday Deeter was blessed and it was his special day. I really love blessing days. You know I'm super excited obviously the day the baby is born, but the day they get blessed, I have really built an individual relationship with that baby and it is a celebration of them. I don't know if that makes sense, but because of that I just love that day! Anyway Sunday was Deeter's day and it was neat just to think of him and what an impact he has already had on our family and to think of what is to come with him. He's a special little man. My parents, Yosh's mom, and Lucas and Camilla and Amelia all traveled in from out of town to celebrate with us. Everyone was tons of help in preparing for the festivities and making it an awesome day. We also had all our good friends show up to support the little man on his day also. That being said it made the day absolutely perfect to me!

And to document the day, a few pics....

The many faces of Pistol! This is as good as it's going to get!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Say it ain't so

but our bubba boy is now one month old! Isn't he handsome? I sure think so!!!

I'll tell you something you might want to add to your "wish list"- that would be a baby like Deeter. He seriously has been an angel so far. Rarely cries, is very consolable when he does cry, loves to sleep (the other night he didn't get up til 6 am...are you kidding me?!! The better news is I didn't either!)...I mean he is just an angel boy! This has made the transition a lot more manageable. Thank you, Deeter Bug!

Love, love, love, the fourth of July. And lucky for us our festivities lasted all weekend long. We started it off my bbqing, swimming and playing tennis at the Anderson's on Friday. I should post like a million pics. Brooke had possession of the camera and I swear magic happens when she's in control. Girls, I'll have to email you the evidence. (But don't hold your breath, you know I'm terrible about things like this.)

Fourth of July itself was equally enjoyable. I am now sold on our little town! We did not get in the car once all day but went to many activities. The day started with a little 1/2 mile kids run. Couple of funny things. First of all when we were walking up we see Heidi and Spencer dressed up like Uncle Sam and some hoochie. Who knows who she was supposed to be. Seriously all Yosh and I could do is roll our eyes. Cannot we not have better celebrities, please? They are so last year. There was also a 10k and rumor has it that they ran for like 50 yards, got their picture take, and then ditched out. Really, how lame can we get?

But on to our lovely run. So Dallin B started ahead with one of his little friends. I decided I better catch up to him cuz I could tell the pace was getting out of his comfort range. When I did catch him, he was all exasperated telling me how tired he was. I, of course, told him to just walk. He then looked at me desperately and said, "Mom, why are we running?!" Good question, son. Seinfeld is just as baffled as you are at the concept of running! Maybe next year he'll understand better what a race is!

Porter took the more logical transport- the stroller. Deeter was even smarter and Baby Bjorned it with Yosh.

There was an awesome parade in the afternoon. It was introduced by 4 parachuters coming down right onto Sunset at approximately 120 mph. I don't think I'm exaggerating. They were hauling and I swear they did NOT slow down for landing. To me it appeared like a suicide attempt- except for the fact that they're trained proffesionals. The parade was complete with Miss America and Rudy. And no, your eyes do not decieve you... Old Navy got our $25.

For the first time since we've been inCalifornia, we made it to a fireworks show for the 4th. Pathetic, I know. We walked down to the high school with one minute to spare before show time and fell on front row seats. Couldn't have been more perfect! Until next year, my favorite holiday.....i will miss you.