Friday, June 18, 2010

So the other day at Target after I had finished my shopping, I was in the parking garage walking to my car when I start hearing a yell for help. Literally- a lady yelling, "HELP." My initial reaction was- to be honest- fear. Is she getting raped, mugged? I don't wanna die! It made me a bit skeptical. But in all reality you can't ignore a cry for help. So I look over my car and make eye contact with her and say, "I can help you." Now let me tell you what shocked me most about this situation (just as a warning...the climax is pretty anti-climatic so don't get excited.) Here I am with a baby and a boy with a broken leg, therefore severely delaying my reaction time, and I'm the first person to respond to her desperate plea. I was shocked.  Anyways, the poor lady had locked her keys in the car...along with her 20 month old baby girl. I let her use my cell phone and kinda calmed her down. She was waiting for her husband and I had called Triple A. 15 minutes later, and with all kinds of help on the way, baby Sophie somehow opened the door herself and probably saved her mama from an anxiety attack! It was a precious reunion between mother and daughter! As I reflected on the incident through out the day, I couldn't help being surprised again and again at how many people were unwilling to run to this lady's aid. A good reminder to slow down and think of others.

As I said, we have a little man with a broken leg in the house. Porter got his foot stuck in the bike tire last Wednesday and the end result...a fractured tibia. Poor little man has been quite the trouper. He got casted on Friday and I feel like his big turn around day was Sunday. He had had a good night sleep and seemed to not be in pain. He started scooting around the house on his own and I'm sure that freedom added to his happy mood! When this first happened, I thought we were in for a long six-ish weeks, but it has actually been a nice change of pace. There have been lots of walks, reading, and playing games on the floor and that is the simple life I really like! But at the end of the six weeks, we'll be VERY behind on swimming for the season, so that slow life will go out the door!

Other news, Dallin B graduated from preschool today. Not much to say about that except that we did capture a fabulous engagement picture. If anyone has ever talked to Dallin about and love and girls, then you've heard of Annabelle. Well, all I did was ask these two to if I could take a picture of them (because of course they were already sitting by each other) and this is the pose I got. We'll have to decide between the two!