Friday, June 20, 2008

Let me redeem my leave of absence by grabbing your attention with my latest star sighting. Prepare yourselves cuz this is a big one (if you're a teeny bopper wannabe like myself!). So cruisin down West Channel in the Palisades waiting to turn onto the PCH, I look to my left and peek inside a black M8 BMW and who do I see? ........ Spencer. As I look to the passenger seat, sure enough the reunion is affirmed as I see Heidi. She apparently was seduced by his career-devastating intervention. Or else they're "just friends" rollin around together again. I really wish I would have followed them. Not to approach them, simply to see where they were going and what they do on a normal day when the cameras aren't rolling. I will keep my eyes peeled for future sightings. And now I have a plan so that I know what to do and won't get lost in the moment. I will for surely stalk. And possibly pull out the Nikon to document the experience.