Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Officially a Grown up

Although I don't have pictures as proof, or maybe a few mediocre ones at that, I proved this Christmas season that I'm a grown up. With the help of my sister, we put on a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner, cooking the whole thing ourselves, which turned out to be a good half day project. Have to say that things turned out well and Yosh has been referring to this meal as my "coming out dinner." Not quite sure what it means. The connotations kind of scare me a bit, but I think he means well!

Here is the spread that is significantly less flattering due to my very unprofessional photography skills. But it was a spread and it was delicious!

This was the first year I was truly Santa's helper and I think that definitely projects you into adulthood. Putting toys together, stuffing stockings, and being not so sneaky since the boys are only 2 and 3 (we were able to leave empty toy boxes in our room and not be found out that we helped Santa!) was our Christmas Eve. Then Christmas day was spent putting even more toys together. The life of a parent you know. And did I mention I had to be woken up on Christmas morning? Yes, I'm an adult. It was a good day, loved it!

We did it... we made it to Disneyland during the Holiday festivities there! First the boys and I went with Hailey and Devree when they were in town. And then Yosh had the idea of- what? taking off a day from work and going? He sure did. It was a lot of fun with the boys having been there so recently and therefore having opinions about what to do while there. We had a bonus feature as well... breakfast with Minnie and Friends. I'll have to say it was my favorite part of the day for two reasons. 1) You should've seen the boys' heads spinning looking for the next character, their eyes light up as they made their way to our table, and jumping to take pics with them. It was an hour of never-ending excitement and magic in their 2 and 3 year old lives! 2) The food was fabulous. Absolutely no disappointment there.

We found out that both boys are crazy drivers... maybe the Cars ride. They still love the shooting game- Buzz Lightyear. Small World is still the best and the most magical at Xmas time. Dallin B did a couple big boy rides. Splash Mountain- not sure how he felt about that. I'm pretty sure it made his stomach drop more than he liked. And Space Mountain scared the heebee jeebies out of him. Overall, good times!

Need I say more?

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Most Magical Place on Earth

I know Disneyland is the place that automatically comes to mind, but my boys- all three of them- might beg to differ, especially the oldest. Yosh had his company party at Dodger Stadium this year. Considering it's off season for the Dodgers, the company was allowed to take over the place. Batting practice, out-fielding, walking through the locker room or whatever it is called, hanging out in the dugout... It was quite spectacular. Batting practice was definitely the highlight. Porter and Dallin even got to take a few swings. After Dallin's last hit, everyone starting chanting, "Run....." So he took off to first base, slowed for a second but when everyone kept yelling for him to run, he continued and made it all the way around. It really was a magical moment... on Dodgers' field, running the bases, the crowd going crazy, it doesn't get much better than that!

For Yosh, a dream come true. For the boys, three hours of awe. And I must say I really enjoyed myself. No complaining here!

By the way, Jamie can I get an invite to your blog... gizaypope@hotmail.com!