Thursday, November 19, 2009

How do you spell cookie?

As Dallin B was sitting down to some cookies and milk, he said, "Mom, I know how to spell cookie. O-R-E-O."

He may not win a spelling bee but this would be spot-on for a Nabisco commercial!

Friday, November 13, 2009

So a couple of things I learned this fall: a)very, very fun and I kind of wanted pre-Halloween to last forever (even though it kind of seemed like it did) and b) the market sure knows how to capitalize on these experiences and sentiments. They get us on this emotional high and then try to suck all our money out of us. Let's take the pumpkin patch for instance. I gladly take the hour drive to go to "the best one around." Perfect. I get there to find a $3/person entry fee. I can handle that. They do have to make money somehow. They explain to me that this entry fee gets me in where there are the jumpy houses, a petting zoo, corn maze, tractor ride, etc. Otherwise I'm strictly restricted to the actual pumpkin patch. Now what they failed to mention was once I was in that area they were going to try to rob me. I mean honestly, $3 per kids to jump in your bouncy for 5 min? I'll pass. And what really got me... $3/kid to pet your nasty, stinky farm animals? Not a chance. But maybe I should actually be thanking them. I really wouldn't want my kids touching those nasty things anyways cuz that means I too would have to touch them, and that's just not that attractive to me if we're being honest. Had it been free, I totally would've given into "be a good mom" pressure and infested ourselves with their hair and food and whatever else the animals had stickin to them at our time of contact. So I'm actually not going to complain about that one. But we did have a great time. Loved the tractor ride, loved getting stuck in the corn maze for 30 minutes with probably only one eighth of the trail progression. But of course the kids thought we made it all the way through. It's funny at the beginning I'm like, "Nope we took the wrong turn. We're not gonna let this maze get us, let's choose another route." By the end, I'm completely compliant to the"right way." I admit defeat. All in all the boys loved it. We had tons of fun, we got to pick out our own pumpkins, and enjoy the season!

By the time Halloween day came I think we were on like outing number 5. But they got dressed up with the same excitement and we were off door to door. Equally entertaining to the boys was handing the candy out at our house. Dallin was pre-tty charismatic. He'd open the door, "Ah ha, now what are you? I think I've seen you before. Now what kind of candy do you want? Reeses? Kit kat? 1 or 2?" Pistol Pope was right in his back pocket helping out. They loved loved loved it!
Little Deeter was in the mix. They love including him in everything. One day he'll appreciate it if this kind of behavior continues!

And Dallin B went ahead and needed to accessorize the church gear with the Woody hat.