Sunday, December 5, 2010

So I'm definitely not a night person. Whether it's the many high school nights of sneaking out for unwarranted fun til 3 am only to be awakened for seminary at 5:00 am-ish that took their toll, or just something in my DNA, I'm usually asleep at 10:30. And on the off-chance that 10:30 isn't the bed time, it's because I was already asleep at 9:00. And I used to claim myself a morning person. But when I realized that the ideal waking up time of 7:30ish doesn't really make one a morning person, I came to terms that I really just like standard operating hours of about 7-7 and nothing but relaxing after that. And I strategize to protect these operating hours. Some efforts are worth the work (the black out shades, waking kids up from naps, etc), but there are always some things that will completely obliterate any attempt. And once again, this season we have found something that has moved opening hour to 6 am for about about 90% of the week thus Henry.

Henry is our elf that visits during the Christmas season. Now don't be fooled, he is not a small elf. Porter has reassured us he is just a regular-sized elf. I guess all elves are about 6 inches tall? I did not know. I could've sworn I've met some bigger ones. But then again, we are talking about elves.  Anyway, the regular size elf has promised to wake up every morning in a different hiding spot (after his long flight to and from the North Pole every night, of course) waiting for the boys to find him. And can I tell you, EvErY morning is like Christmas morning around here, waking up early and hunting for Henry. Unfortunately, contrary to Christmas morning, the excitement only lasts about 10 minutes before orneriness takes over and fighting ensues. I'm tempted to tell Henry he's not allowed back in the house til the kids leave for school. We'll have to see how desperate I get. But for now, we welcome Henry and I guess we welcome the 6 am wake up calls.