Sunday, October 11, 2009

So I have a four month old. Really going on 4 1/2. And you know when they're this age that half a month counts. Don't know how the time passes, but I guess it would be really weird if it didn't. Yosh and I remind ourselves quite often that these are the golden times. Not only with Deeter, but the other boys too. Maybe even more so with the other boys. Where discovery is at their fingertips and so fascinating. What type of discoveries? You know, like the number 13 comes after the number 12. And they are in shock and bewildered and couldn't be more excited about it. Or that they can buckle their own seatbelts. Or that if they look at Deeter a certain way and talk to him they can get a laugh out of him. You know, the simple discoveries of life that come tumbling in a million miles a minute at their age. And as a parent, it's the greatest to sit back and watch and be equally fascinated. Really just fascinated at their fascination. It's crazy. Anyway, these are the things that have been making us love life this last little bit.

Deeter and I ditched the boys a few weekends again and went to CO. I visited with my baby sister and her little girl and then my parents drove through town and we got to all go lunch! A nice treat for me!!