Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words....

then this is a long ole novel I'm never gonna get through.

Aaahhhhh so many pictures....where to begin and then what do I do with them?!!!
For now, I'll just focus on a couple.

{For the love of TOMS}

How come there seems to be a dominating face here?  Hmmmmmm.

Family pics. Take your best shot. To capture the story of us. Right here. 
Right now.


Cassi said...

You are a blog queen right now! Haven't heard from you in a while and BAM here you are almost every day. Lovin every word!

Laura said...

i was going to say you are the blogging queen too. ha. cute pics. love kaia's scarf.

Kady said...

A. Your hair looks awesome. B. I love that Yosh is never going to get over that baby girl. C. That bottom middle pic of Porter is an all-time fave. Love.

Crazy Lady said...

i don't know but you look rockin hot, dude when did you get all those kids?

Whitney said...

These pictures look darling! I was literally dying over the one of Miss Kaia that you put on facebook. So sweet!

ps. Where did you get that blanket? Anthro? I'm obsessed.